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Noel Brannan | A Celebration
Exhibition Walkthrough available to view from Saturday 22 January 2022 on goldmark.tv.
Exhibition monograph with essay by Jane Kennedy is also be available.
Goldmark’s 2022 season will kick off with a celebration of the paintings of Noel Brannan [1921-2001]. There will be a pop up show between Thursday 20th and Sunday 23rd January with the simultaneous release of a filmed walk through of the work hosted by Max Waterhouse.

Noel Brannan was born in Tynemouth, Northumberland on Christmas Day 1921. His family moved to Cleethorpes in 1926, where he grew up in a very art orientated household: His father, Edward Brannan was a professional artist and his younger brother Peter Brannan was to follow the same path. Noel Brannan studied at Lincoln School of Art from 1947-52 and at Leicester College of Art from 1951-52 before taking a teaching job at Hinckley. He and his family lived in Burbage from 1952 until his death in 2001.

Jane Kennedy, Noel Brannan’s daughter recalls, ’His work remains as a monument to his longings and self-doubt, his skill and vision, his life, his love of the world around him, and his profound engagement with humanity’. She comments that throughout his life her father never ceased sketching, drawing and painting and adds that- ‘He liked industrial and agricultural landscapes, and many of his works are where human hands have been at work - like farm buildings, pit heads and the building of the M69’.

The film and pop up will highlight the work Kennedy talks about and feature a mixture of oils, watercolour and pen and ink drawings of, for example, mines, tile works, industrial chimney stacks, quarries, factories, canals and wasteland.
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