Christopher P Wood | 10 Year Retrospective
22 June - 21 July 2019
We are delighted to announce the forthcoming exhibition of paintings, prints and drawings, made by gallery artist Christopher P Wood over the last decade. Leeds born artist Christopher P Wood is one of the most prolific, driven and talented artists in the UK. He is constantly exploring methods, media and themes and his work ranges from large canvases, books and mono prints to pottery and much else. This 10 year retrospective will give Goldmark visitors a chance to both catch breath and catch up with Wood’s prolific output and also take an exhilarating journey through a decade of his work. The exhibition opens with a viewing, talk, an opportunity to meet the artist and complimentary buffet lunch on Saturday 22nd June. “Born and raised in Leeds, Wood initially studied at Chelsea College of Art. In 1987 he returned to Leeds, avoiding the fashions and commercial pressures associated with the London art world at that time. Since then he has worked incessantly, developing and refining his technique and medium in the pursuit of his unique artistic vision. His working process is exhausting, and many of his hard fought paintings are eventually destroyed in a rigorous exercise to maintain his exceptionally high artistic standards”. (From Resurgence Magazine).
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