Three Armenian Painters | Major UK Exhibition
14 September - 13 October 2019
Armenia has an illustrious history of artistic achievement. Armenian reliquaries, illuminated manuscripts, textiles and books have caused wonder and excitement since the fourth century. However their modern art has also caused waves and been no less groundbreaking. The most celebrated Armenian artist of the 20th century, Arshile Gorky, is seen by many as having laid the foundations for the development of Abstract Expressionism. Now Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham is to show the work of three celebrated contemporary Armenian artists in a new exhibition that opens on 14th September. They are Tigran Asatryan, Arthur Hovhannisyan and Ashot Yan. Between them the three artists’ exhibitions include ones in New York, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo and the Venice Bienalle as well as many in their own homeland. However this is the first time that any of their work has been exhibited in the UK. Admission to Armenian Art at Goldmark is free.

We are proud to be the first UK gallery to recognise these three talents and also to showcase Armenian Art. The Metropolitan Museum in New York has just staged a major exhibition of Armenian culture and the Goldmark show will demonstrate how current Armenian art draws from its unique culture and history whilst also exploring the new.

Armenian Art at Goldmark has been curated by Baykar Demir, Istanbul based Armenian art historian and curator, and he adds, ‘Tigran Asatryan, Arthur Hovhannisyan and Ashot Yan are each unique artists in their own right and their styles range from the sophisticated to the naturalistic, from portraiture to fairy like iconography with influences of The Renaissance, Surrealism, Mythology and Russia. However each is rooted in the very individual cultural heritage of Armenia and British visitors to Goldmark are guaranteed a long overdue insight into that culture and the passion that drives modern Armenian Art.'
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